Membership Policy


All persons placed on the membership must reside full time at the address listed on the membership. Each membership may be purchased by either one single or two joint adults. Immediate family members with primary residence in the home may be listed as dependents (i.e. life partners, children/step children under the age of 25, adult children with special needs, grandchildren/others with permanent, legal guardianship). Others living full-time in the residence (i.e. grandparents, foster children, adult children and their families, exchange students, significant others) may be placed on the membership subject to approval by the CHRC Board and yearly review. Special living situations not covered under this policy will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Proof of residency or guardianship may be required. Violation of this policy may result in forfeiture of membership.


 Babysitter/Nanny/Caregiver Privileges and Fees

Pool members families who require a babysitter/nanny/caregiver will make an application in writing to the CHRC Board at time of renewal or membership application. A Non-swimming babysitter will have no fee. A swimming babysitter will pay the regular daily guest fee. A special assessment of $100.00 for the season is also available. If the baby sitter has a child of their own, that child will be treated like other guests and will have to pay the daily guest fee.

  • The special assessment of $100.00 must be paid in advance and any daily guest rates that have been paid will not be refunded or credited towards assessment. The assessment fee will include all club privileges.


Guest Policy

All member guests must sign in at the front desk. Guests should be registered at the front desk/office. Registration should consist of full name, address, and which member you are a guest of. All guests must always be accompanied by a member. All rules and regulations applying to members also apply to guests. Conduct of guests is the direct responsibility of the sponsoring member. No guests will be admitted inside the fenced pool area unless guest fee has been paid. Guest rates will be established each year by CHRC Board prior to opening for the season.

Guests will be admitted to Cardinal Hill with a guest fee of $5.00 per person regardless of age.

You can also purchase bundles of guest passes. 10 guest passes for $40.00, 20 guest passes for $60.00.

Guest passes may be purchased at the front desk or online.

Purchased guest passes do not expire.

The same guest can not come in more than 5 times per season without prior approval from the CHRC Board or without the special assessment fee of $100.00