Rules & Guidelines

Rules of conduct/ Regulations

The rules and regulations have been established by CHRC Board for the protection and benefit of all the members and guests of Cardinal Hill.  It is our priority to assure the safe and sanitary operation of the Cardinal Hill Recreation Club facilities. 


Cardinal Hill Recreation Club, its employees and Board, are not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items.

  • Vehicles shall be driven slowly and carefully through the driveways and parking lot.
  • Bicycles shall be parked in designated bicycle areas only.
  • Fires are permitted in fireplace in clubhouse and grills only and shall not be left unattended.
  • Trash must be placed in containers provided before leaving.
  • Damage to the club property is not permitted. Members will be financially responsible for destruction/damage and subject to suspension.
  • No property or equipment shall be removed from premises without prior approval by manager or CHRC Board. 
  • Cardinal Hill Recreation Club is a smoke free facility. NO SMOKING OF ANY KIND is allowed in the clubhouse, or within the fenced in pool area.  This includes E-Cigarettes, vapor pens, etc.
  • Alcoholic beverages may be consumed on the premises by adults of legal age in an inconspicuous manner. NO GLASS CONTAINERS on or near the pool deck. The manager will follow the discipline policy to rectify any inappropriate behavior. All risk is assumed by the consumer.
  • No food or drink is to be carried into or consumed in the pool.
  • Obscene or abusive language is not permitted at Cardinal Hill.
  • All commonly recognized rules of sanitation and safety shall be observed.
  • Admission to the pool may be refused to anyone with colds, coughs, inflamed eyes, infections or wearing bandages.
  • No running, pushing, wrestling, or disturbances shall be permitted in or around the pool area.
  • Children under the age of 10 years old may not be dropped off at the pool without adult supervision. Children 10 or older need to pass a “swimmer’s proficiency” test (administered by the lifeguard at the beginning of Adult Swim) to be at the pool without adult supervision.
  • Use of the baby pool is limited to children 6 years of age or younger. No metal, glass, or rigid plastic toys are permitted in the baby pool area. Supervision of children in the baby pool area is the sole responsibility of the accompanying adult. There are No Lifeguards on duty in the baby pool area.
  • One person at a time is allowed on the diving board. The next person must wait in line on the deck.
  • One person at a time is allowed on the pool ladders when making an exit from the pool.
  • The pool may be closed for maintenance operations, health conditions, weather, or any reason deemed necessary by the Club Manager, consistent with the safety of members and staff.
  • Membership cards MUST be presented and left in the office for admission to the pool and retrieved before leaving.
  • Parents/guardians are requested to caution their children/dependents to observe all rules and obey instruction of the club manager and authorized employees.
  • The Club Manager is authorized to enforce the rules to be observed and will refuse admission to any member who is breaking any rules/regulations or is financially delinquent.
  • The opening date and closing date may be extended by the CHRC Board in the event of favorable weather conditions and if in their opinion is feasible.
  • Absolutely no swimming is permitted if there is not a lifeguard on duty.
  • 15 Minutes of every hour will be designated to adults (18 years or over) swimming. A child who is 2 years of age or younger may swim with a parent or guardian.
  • Members and guests may not fraternize with on-duty lifeguards.
  • Members and guests may not fraternize with persons at the front desk/office/snack bar.
  • Babies in diapers should wear swim diapers.
  • The club may allow private parties or other special activities with manager and or CRHC Board approval.



Pool Discipline

  • The lifeguard or manager on duty is the authority on matters of discipline at the front desk and the pool. His or her instruction must always be followed, or disciplinary action will result. Decision of lifeguard or manager is not subject to appeal.
  • The lifeguards are instructed to report all serious infractions or refusal to follow instructions to the manager.
  • All complaints from members are to be directed to the manager, not the lifeguards.
  • Lifeguard instruction must be followed instantly.
  • The pool manager will report any serious offenses or refusal to follow instruction to the CHRC Board. The CHRC Board or Manager may discipline without regard to the 3-time offense policy particularly in matters of safety, disregarding authority, disturbing other members, any illegal actions such as vandalism, theft, underage drinking or drug use.  All decisions of the CHRC Board are final.
  • Discipline procedures are as follows:
    • MINOR Infractions: Will result in a timeout on the penalty bench. The manager and lifeguard will enter the occurrence in a log and all parties will sign the logbook. 3 Minor infractions are equivalent to a Major infraction.
    • MAJOR infractions:  Managers may suspend pool privileges for 1 day and notify parent or guardian if applicable. The manager and lifeguard will enter the occurrence in a log and all parties will sign the logbook.
    • REPEATED MAJOR infractions: Managers may suspend privileges up to 7 full days from time of incident. Parents will be notified. The manager and lifeguard will enter the occurrence in a log and all parties will sign the logbook.
    • Any infractions that occur after the 7-day suspension will be reported to the CHRC Board and will result in suspension of pool privileges for the remainder of the year.
  • Any Minor or Major infraction will result in contacting parent/guardian.
  • Parent/Guardian must respond to Major infraction before re-entry will be allowed.


Privacy Policy

  • Cardinal Hill Recreation Club values the privacy of its members. All collection of personal information is for the sole purpose of conducting pool business.  Your information will not be given to a third party without prior approval of individual member.
  • Members or employees who misuse personal information will be subject to disciplinary action including expulsion or dismissal.
  • The rules and regulations may be changed when necessary at the discretion and by the direction of the CHRC Board. Full cooperation by all members is expected.

                     The Board of CHRC, Revised 9/2018